"Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." -- Thomas Jefferson

Sat, 20 Jul 2002

[13:31] World's Smallest Website

Last night, coral pointed out the world's smallest website, measuring a meager 16 x 16 pixels. A remarkably user-friendly 256 square pixels at that, but I still wonder if the site isn't some marketing ploy cooked up by corrective lens manufacturers or their ilk.

[00:45] Bad 'blogger! No biscuit!

I am a bad 'blogger. I can't seem to walk the fine line between spending my time doing nothing but blogging and not blogging at all. You know what finally jarred me back to it? Julia's cat had kittens. Hell, the cat was hardly more than a kitten herself, but she got loose one night and came back the next day with her meows slurred and her fur disheveled, carrying a litter of five. She went into labor at 0400 a couple of nights ago. The first kitten born, the biggest of the five, didn't survive birth -- Julia thinks it broke its neck on the way out. The runt of the litter didn't survive either -- spindly, hairless, and basically ignored by its mother, Julia nursed it with a bottle for two days, before it too gave up this earth. But, uh, how often do domesticated mammals die in your home? Needless to say this led me to comtemplate how short life is, and to meditate on all the things I still hope to do before I give up this earth. So, here I am.

So, on a more humorous note, if it wasn't true, you'd think it was a joke, or something. (Thanks to Adam and Mike for pointing this out.)

Also, perl 5.8.0 finally sees the light of day. Congratulations to Jarkko, the 5.8.0 pumpking, who had better not plan on paying for any of his drinks at TPC next week.

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