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Sun, 21 Jul 2002

[22:58] Julia Butterfly Hill deported from Ecuador

The deportation of Julia Butterfly Hill from Ecuador, following her arrest during a protest of Occidental Petroleum's new Amazon oil pipeline, was reported on by no less than the Guardian. After reading about this, I dropped an email to a couple of hip guys from Amazon Watch that I met at the Ruckus Society tech camp who trek deep into the heart of South America armed with their wits and a couple of digital video cameras, and inquired how I might be of some assistance. I came across them at an absolutely fascinating three-hour workshop they gave at the Tech Camp on the care and feeding of high-tech gadgets in harsh jungle conditions, which I found quite inspiring. Thus far, they've just been asking for wi-fi advice, buti, in the meantime, I've decided to start learning Español.

[15:39] Doonesbury Character Caught Wardriving

Even Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury cartoon has taken note of wardriving. Guess the meme has gone mainstream. Trudeau is basically right, but he only gets half the picture -- yes, wardriving is usually freeloading. But the real power, the real vision, the real -- dare I say it? -- revolution behind wireless networking is not in Wi-Fi hotspots, it's the ability to build autonomous broadband networks that are organized and maintained at the grassroots level, as a service of, for, and by the community. But I digress.

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