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Thu, 16 May 2002

[04:33] Send In the Clones

So, Rob, Rich, Adam, Adam, Matt, Jerritt, Cliff, Ken, some other guy, and I went to see Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones tonight at the 12:01am showing in Santa Clara. Now, three years ago, I spent twelve hours in line for tickets to see The Phantom Menace. This time around, I spent ten minutes at movietickets.com to purchase ten tickets to share with the freenetworks.org guys, and the only reason it took that long was because I wasn't sure I got the credit card number right the first time.

So, the movie. I realize this may make me as much of a pariah in blogspace as it has among my geek friends, but, to be honest, I liked the film. It was, as with all the other Star Wars films, beautifully shot and done up with the latest in 21st C. graphics and other wise made with loving attention to every detail. Unlike The Phantom Menace, which watched more like a history book than a sci-fi action movie, Attack of the Clones actually had something in the way of character development. Sure, the writing wasn't incredible, but the acting was at least a little better, and the characters weren't entirely two-dimensional. The plot convolutions featured two armies controlled by the Sith Lord, one entirely consisting of Boba Fett, and WE GOT TO SEE YODA KICK ASS. Empire Strikes Back came out in 1980, and the world has been waiting patiently for 22 years to see Yoda kick ass, and, damn it, if AotC was good for nothing else, at least we got to see that.

[04:13] ... And the Earth Shook

On Monday, I experienced my first earthquake since moving to California, and I missed it. I confess disappointment, however foolish that may sound. They don't have earthquakes where I grew up in Philadelphia, so I have -- against the better judgement of everyone I've talked to -- been somewhat guiltily looking forward to the experience. For better or worse, I was completely out of luck this time around, as I was at a party of two dozen of the nation's Free Network organizers, sitting on the bed -- no joke, the Seattle Wireless guys stayed in room 802 at the Westin Santa Clara, a coincidence so rich that I wouldn't have believed it had I not been there -- and, sitting on the bed, didn't feel a goddamned thing when Matt Westervelt, sitting next to me, and probably as drunk as I was, all of a sudden, turned and said to no one in particular, "Oh my God. EARTHQUAKE." I should've gotten up right then and there, but instead I sat there on the bed, going, "Dammit, I don't feel anything." Oh well. I suppose I shouldn't look forward to next time -- at least no one was hurt in this one. But meanwhile my curiosity has not been assuaged.

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