"The only way to eat well in England is to have breakfast three times a day." -- W. Somerset Maugham

Thu, 03 Oct 2002

[11:01] Jeb Does It Again

Look who's about to walk free again. Wonder how that happened. Pretty ironic, don't you think? (Actually, I think drug prohibition is unconstitutional and probably unethical, but it's the hypocrisy that grates on me more than anything else.)

[00:55] Wait'll You See Me On The Dance Floor

I put some musical compositions from circa 1998 or 9 online. "Fanfare for the Comic Book" and "Double Mocha Cappucino" are throwaways, the and the flute duet is (as you can probably tell) unfinished. "We Can't Stop Here" is probably the most interesting of the four pieces up there, and it definitely took the most work. For those who are curious, I took the samples from my CD collection at the time, as well as Vanessa's, sequenced it with Multiquence back when I still ran Windows, and resurrected the piece and put some finishing touches on it this week by running Multiquence inside of Wine, a Windows emulator for UNIX. Mirabile dictu, it worked.

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