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Thu, 10 Oct 2002

[16:38] Make My Funk The B-Funk.

On a lighter note, and in honor of Davebrown's birthday, I'd like to mention that finally got to see Brown Sugar play in their present four-piece incarnation this past weekend. They used to play as a three-piece power funk trio, and play tight covers of Medeski Martin & Wood's "Bubblehouse", and that sort of thing. They went through a couple of sort of rapcore style frontmen for a while, and then they got together with Mike, aka the Wandering Minstrel, who was doing a solo kinda folky singer-songwriter thing. The only way I could imagine the combination was to picture Elliot Smith fronting a funk band. Now, I've known all of the musicians involved for between six and eleven years, and never got to see 'em play together as a band. So you can imagine my excitement.

Alas, the club had lousy sound, and screwed up their schedule in such a way that Brown Sugar only got to play about four or five songs, but that merely whet my appetite for more. They seem to be in the process of stretching their horizons, and they're playing much more than mere funk now, as only befits musicians of their skill and talent. You can get a sense of their recent stuff on their media page.

But we all know the reason you came here is because you already know and love Brown Sugar and just wanted to see Abe's pictures of Jeremy & Kim's party after the show, including John's mullet, and a classic portrait of Mike.

[12:18] War.

Some days there's good news and then there's bad news. There's a protest and all-night vigil at the Federal building in San Francisco tonight, and civil disobedience under consideration for the morning. I wonder if they'll miss me at work tomorrow.

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