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Tue, 15 Apr 2003

[18:34] Hail to the Kimchi-ef

Look, even Kim Jong Il, Illustrious Leader of the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, has a LiveJournal.

Saturday, March 22nd, 2003. 2:07 pm. I'm not feeling very good about myself today. I guess I build walls around myself because I don't want people to get too close. Sometimes I wish I could just be normal and not such a Stalinist.... Bush is still really pissing me off. Why can't I just forget about him?

This is a brilliant parody of the average LiveJournal user, and may be the funniest site you will visit all week.

[15:34] O Really?

I know I haven't updated this thing in years. Once the war started, I had way too much to say, and no time to say it in. This week, as part of Plan 27, I've decided to try to master what Cory Doctorow calls "the art of getting a complete, coherent thought into print, quickly." Here goes.

Our first stop in a whirlwind tour of crap that's been accumulating in my Galeon bookmarks file while I dither over the volume of stuff I've been meaning to blog, and also chronicle about the goings on in my life these days is a site that lets you create your own book cover in the style of a popular technical book publisher that happens to be my employer. I haven't paraded that link around work because, in spite of the monumental senses of humor possessed by my co-workers, I'm afraid some well-meaning individual might try to shut down what is really a very funny parody. But, then, OTOH, they haven't tried to shut oreally.com down either, so... *shrug*

Maybe I'll just submit it to Boing Boing and see what happens. (Thanks, Jesse, for the link.)

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