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Wed, 16 Apr 2003

[18:59] U.S. State Dept. contradicts Secretary Powell over Chile coup.

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell publically describes the 1973 coup that deposed the leftist Allende government in Chile as "not a part of American history that we're proud of," and then the State Department immediately issues a statement saying the U.S. "did not instigate the coup that ended Allende's government in 1973." In the words of the immortal Bill Hicks, "Would somebody help me here? I'm getting mixed signals!" Someone in this picture is lying -- see if you can guess who.

[14:04] Make Crude Oil from Anything?

Discover has an article on thermal depolymerization: An industrial process that takes ordinary organic waste... and produces light, crude oil? I hate to promote either the livestock industry (ugh), or internal combustion fuels, but this is a fascinating solution to the proliferation of organic wastes, especially those with a heavy chlorine component, like PVC, and maybe even dioxins and PCBs. (via MetaFilter)

[09:07] Bush Sr. on why total war on Iraq would be a bad idea?

Apparently, a 1998 Time magazine article written by George Bush and Brent Scowcroft, entitled "Why We Didn't Remove Saddam", and which discusses the magnitude of the problems involved in a full invasion and occupation of Iraq has... mysteriously disappeared... from Time's archive site. Hmm. See a scan of the article from microfilm, or a text version. (Links lifted whole from BoingBoing.)

[07:23] Elephant jailbreak!

In an apparently mind-bogglingly compassionate move, a herd of elephants staged a rescue of eleven captive wild gazelles last week from a game preserve in South Africa. The elephants can't eat the gazelles, so why'd you think they did it, hmm?

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