"Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just." -- Thomas Jefferson

Thu, 17 Apr 2003

[17:56] Oh, the embarrassment.

(1) Dubya demonstrates the ground war for the press.

(2) His lovely wife what's-her-face (you know, the one you always see on the news) puts a humanitarian face on the war.

(3) Flag waving. And flag picture framing, football playing, diaper changing, tea brewing, pin wearing... and that's just the real merchandise.

(4) Oakland police firing rubber bullets and other projectiles into crowds of unarmed peace demonstrators.

(5) The ongoing cost of war and occupation, even as the price of semester at a California community college suddenly doubles overnight.

(6) Well, there's always war tax resistance. In this case, the embarassment is that I paid five figures in taxes to the Federal Government this year, and let my father, who appears to have hated tax accounting, talk me into chickening out of even a token dissent, but hell. I'll gladly pay for roads, schools, and even universal health care, but when something like 47% of our federal taxes go towards imposing American will on foreign nations via the application of violent force, well... Grr. Maybe next year.

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