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Fri, 18 Apr 2003

[13:48] The willingness to cease caring.

srl points out this great article about the creepy connections between Southern Baptist fundamentalism and the so-called Bush administration. While the article is an informative and thought-provoking read, the best quote is in the article's conclusion:

The issue is not, in the end, religious. It's not racial. It's philosophical: No matter what religion or political view provides a starting point, the end destination of the march toward absolutism is the willingness to cease caring about unbelievers as human beings. That is a danger greater than any weapon of mass destruction.

For those interested in further reading, sungo recommends The Origin of Satan, by Elaine Pagels, which, he says, makes the point that "the concept of Satan and friends is used SOLELY to dehumanize the enemy and create an us/them righteousness". I think I'll add it to my Amazon wish list.

[09:56] The joys of country living.

So, as I was getting out of bed this morning, I noticed a strange movement along one of the walls that my bed faces. Hastily putting my glasses on, I noticed that a garter snake, a young one, had somehow invited itself into my domicile. I watched it slither along the wall for a bit, as I tried to wake up, and casually debated with some folks on IRC as to what to do about it. Finally, I summoned the courage to pick up the feral reptile and escort it outside, just about the time it disppeared under the shelves. Oh well. Guess I won't be seeing any mice around the house any time soon.

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