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Thu, 06 Feb 2003

[12:20] Linux Server Hacks

Lest I forget, my good friend Rob Flickenger just published an amazing book of Linux Server Hacks, detailing 100 of the most useful tips and tricks every Linux admin (or user) should know, written in Rob's now classic style. I freely admit a strong bias in the matter, though -- I was a contributor and a tech reviewer for this particular literary gem. Even so, if you use Linux, I recommend giving Linux Server Hacks a look-see.

[12:13] Better Living Through Bayesian Statistics

On a similar note, there's an article on O'Reilly Net about using ESR's bogofilter package to filter spam using Bayesian conditional probabilities. Doubtless I should implement something like this for all the folks who get email via tridity.org.

[02:36] I'm Sorry, Dave, I Can't Allow That

On Friday, Simon Cozens was discussing some work using his Mail::Miner package on #perl. I asked him about the sorts of document categorization techniques he was planning to use, since I'd been exploring new ways of viewing and presenting the over 2,000 articles and nearly 3,000 weblog entries housed on O'Reilly Net at work. Among other things, he mentioned Latent Semantic Indexing, which uses mathematical techniques from quantum physics to reduce noise in a body of information, and Bow, a C toolkit for document categorization implementing Bayesian statistics, like Ken Williams's AI::Categorizer.

I spent the weekend in San Diego doing registration tech support for O'Reilly's Bioinformatics Conference during the day and doing things like "Sweet Child O' Mine" at karaoke in the Gaslamp by night. No doubt you may imagine, then, the thrill of discovering that Ken was scheduled to give a tutorial on Machine Learning on Monday. Ken is a longtime Perl Monger and a welcome re-addition to his nation of origin, having recently gotten back from doing graduate work in the subject at the University of Sydney.

I also discovered, while at the conference, that the same Maciej Ceglowski of aforementioned LSI fame, was also presenting a talk, only after I was scheduled to leave for Sebastopol. For some reason, I didn't think to actually seek him out while I was there, and now I'm kicking myself for it: Today I got the brilliant idea to tackle the categorization of RSS feeds by the same means, by generating dynamically personalized "views" of Meerkat using the same methods. Wouldn't you know it but that the same Ceglowski already beat me to the good idea. So I emailed him about his source code, which I think may also interest Simon, and we'll see what he has to say. And I agree with Maciej on at least one other thing - those signs were awful strange. Speaking as a proud resident, I too blame our People's Democratic Republic of California.

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