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Wed, 11 Jun 2003

[01:38] An Icosahedron Unwrapped onto a Plane.

Got tremendously distracted from things after a tummultuous but highly synergistic ETech, and then inadvertently nuked the blog again, but who needs backups when you have Google's cache, right? Met Jo there, who's doing a map of contemporary global capitalism for Metamute like the one they did on data surveillance, and who wanted to by hand convert this code for plotting lat+long on a Fuller projection into perl, which spurred me into cooking up Geo::Dymaxion with a little dab of Inline::C, which ended up getting upload to the CPAN. I wrote a toy application using the module, which Dav promptly used to make a plot of his Friendster network across the globe. Ran into him and Anselm, both of whom I'd met at ETech, at Planetwork; talked with the latter over dinner about an open FOAF-based network to "crush Friendster" like the one Dav describes towards the end of his blog entry on W.A.S.T.E.; Anselm reported that they were using Geo::Dymaxion as a model to plug Dymaxion maps into their Blogosphere space annotation tool, which I look forward to seeing. Also happened at Planetwork upon danah, another ETech alum, who turned out to be interested in Dav's Friendster scraping code towards her own research on, among other things, the support (or lack thereof) for multiple, independent, per-person contexts in social software. The code currently doing the 3D geometric transformations in Geo::Dymaxion will probably get replaced by nicer two-way code originally written by Ben Discoe, also at PlaNetwork last weekend, for his Virtual Terrain Project. You can read a bit more about VTerrain etc on my O'Reilly Net blog. There's a few other things going on, like the Mercedes I've been driving on biodiesel, or later this week or next signing the contract to publish this book I've been working on...

The Book

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